Live Dirty, Eat Clean

The microbiome is a currently a dominating topic in the health world, and with the increasing potential for antibiotic resistant bacteria, it is rightfully so. The human microbiome constitutes all of the living bacteria, viruses and protozoa that naturally live on us and within us, especially in our gut. These tiny living organisms are also called microbes and evidently they are essential in immune health. There is growing research on microbes, where looking into their ecosystem as they inhabit our bodies researchers are searching to learn more about the human/microbe relationship, how they interact with each other and why the health of one can influence the other.

My main focus as a nutritionist is gut health. I love healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, and encouraging my clients to eat more plants and real foods, opposed to refined sugars and grains. The FODMAPS* diet is one I recommend for people experiencing IBS or IBD as it has some research behind it coming from Monash and Stanford Universities, and is remarkably similar to the SCD diet mentioned in the video below. We are what we eat, or is it possible that we are what our microbes eat? Here is a fantastic video on the human microbiome by Integrative gastroenterologist, Dr. Robynne Chutkan.




* Both the FODMAP and SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) are diets that encourage eating real food and properly fermented foods, while eliminating refined grains, sugars, and specific non-fermenting short chain carbs or starches in order to improve one’s gut health .