Community Built from the Roots Up


Tedx Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener in South Central

A safe and vibrant community is more than the name you give it and the physical structure it’s built around– it’s self sufficiency, good food, and a sense of healthy pride in where you live and what you do. There are definitely a lot more reasons on why a community thrives, but these were just a few of the empowering messages I gobbled up from Ron Finley’s Ted talk.

Watch his clip on how some passionate and big-hearted people found a small-scale solution for food insecurity in South Central, LA.

My favorite quotes from Ron
Why he started Guerilla gardening: “It made me ashamed to see that there was people this close to me that was hungry.”

On kids eating fast food: “If kid grows kale, they eat kale.”

All-time favorite quote: “We got to flip the script on what a gangster is. If you ain’t a gardener you ain’t gangster. Get gangster with your shovel…and let that be your weapon of choice.”

Here’s an interesting infographic to check out on income inequality in the US, where California is the top three state.

Income Inequality in the USA